Bogota Women: Everything You Should Know

Bogota Women: Everything You Should Know

In this article, we’re gonna be talking about both of the capital of Columbia and the kind of people that live there.

I think it’s important for you to understand the environment and the kind of city in order to understand with influence the people to become who they are

Bogota is the pulsating heart of Colombia. It’s the largest city and it’s also very unique Siri in the sense that it’s fairly cold and fairly gloomy and fairly cloudy for a country that is very sunny and very happy

You might think that Columbia is a tropical country and which in fact it is but you would be surprised to hear that the average temperature in Bogotá is typically around 20°C maybe highs of 23 but typically lows of 17 or so.

This was something very surprising to me and definitely influence the kind of people that live there

I would categorize the kind of people that live there as mostly Caucasian European descent with some mixes of some Indian thrown in there so you know your typical Latina.

Well Columbia is a fairly traditional country there’s a certain exception of that in Bogotá because just like most of the biggest cities in the country is fairly cosmopolitan so you have a varied mix of people there that have left other parts of Columbia in search of adventure, freedom and maybe even some economic success along the way.

That means that the woman that you will meet there are going to be fairly relaxed and behaving more like their western counterparts as opposed to more traditional Colombian women from the city of Cali and Madeline.

Of course, none of this bothers me because I was pretty much used to the western style of going out of meeting anybody and everybody and just hanging out without the very traditional situation that I experience in the other cities.

If you’re looking to find the prettiest woman in Columbia in Bogotá I think he will be disappointed although I have seen a few dimes here in there I would say that the prettiest thing that was selling the typical Colombian would be located in Medellin most likely and nothing but the older Bogotá is a close second don’t get me wrong.

I think if given the choice I would be going to Bogotá to meet somebody special instead of the other cities because at this stage of my life I believe that this openness and friendliness and the fact that you could meet anybody and everybody in the big city feel is an advantage and definitely a big pro over the other cons.

Of course, your mileage may vary if you’re looking for a very traditional woman the one that would invite you to dinner and meet her father on the second day, then you’re probably not gonna find somebody like that in Bogotá.

What Bogota has going for itself is the sheer size that means that you can go out you can meet a good number of people and then you will never see them again you will not run into them again unlike in some of the smaller villages where everybody knows each other.

In terms of sheer attractiveness, I would definitely rate Medellin women as the most prettier and Bogotá is maybe a close second or maybe a distant second although in the various villages around Bogotá you could find even prettier ones.

Ultimately the choice is yours and the decision is yours as to what kind of city and what kind of people suit you best. My suggestion is to spend a little bit of time in Bogotá as well as a little bit of time in the other cities and decide which style of the people in the city and the life is for you.

Now, regardless where in Columbia you are the best place to meet the members of the opposite sex and we’re talking about very sexy members of the opposite sex would be none other than Colombian Cupid. Go ahead and create your free profile but definitely operate once you see some potential.


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