Cali, Colombia Women: The Complete Guide

Cali, Colombia Women: The Complete Guide

In the article, I want to introduce you to the women of Cali, Colombia.

But first I want to talk a little bit about the city of Cali, where I spent a considerable amount of time while I was traveling and living in Colombia.

Cali is Colombia’s third-largest city in this behind Bogota the capital and magazine which is located in the center of the city in the country.

Unlike Bogota, Cali is a purely tropical city that’s because I’m like both but without messaging which are located at some altitude call is located closer to sea level and as Colombia is a tropical country call is a purely tropical city.

After living in the cold and rainy Bogota I am kind of lukewarm messaging that was really nice to finally be in the city that was purely hot.

Now I know I’ve been talking about the city for a while now but I am getting to the point is that the women similar to Cali are also very hot and very feisty and they are very very different from the women in other parts of Colombia as I wrote in the previous article.

Not only do they look very different they act and they behave very differently. Something about them reminded me of Brazilian women that something is they have this kind of sex appeal without having this model Lesk figure so when you think about Argentinian women they’re very model Lesk looking but not necessarily sexy women from Cali are very sexy but not necessarily model looking.

Another interesting characteristic of the women is that they have these big butts and generally Latin women have nice butts but Cali woman takes it to the next level and that is something that I joked about is that if a woman has an especially big but chances are she’s from college and I was pretty much never wrong.

Cali is also called the Latin American capital of salsa or even of the world capital of salsa because salsa is very very big in Cali. Of course, salsa is big all over Colombia and most Colombians if not the majority of Colombians know how to dance salsa pretty well in college that is very very important for you to know how to dance salsa.

In fact, one of my mistakes, when I was in Colombia, is that I don’t really spend a lot of time learning how to dance salsa and I can dance a little bit but I didn’t realize I had such an opportunity to learn that really well when I was there.

So think about it as a prerequisite to going out with the local women.

The other interesting thing about Cali is that while it has a really great nightlife usually salsa dancing, I already and things like that nightlife like in the rest of Colombia isn’t really a place to be meeting women. Most of the women come there with their male friends or other big groups and it’s pretty much unheard of for this American style approaching when you see a woman you like.

Course if you were in the right situation and maybe you’re at an American style bar where people are standing up and having drinks and maybe it’s a girl with one other friend or two other friends with no other guys then yes you can probably approach and become friends with her but that typically isn’t the case in college.

When I was in college most of the women in the world with tons and tons of other friends it was very difficult to do you know how to make an approach and to get to know somebody.

Later on, I realized that I should be getting to know them before nightlife so that when it’s time to go out I had a date.

I don’t think this is much of a dealbreaker I think that it forces you to be a little bit more resourceful and start thinking of different things that you can do during the day in order to meet women like one of my good friends told me they’re there you should be picking up these women during the day, not during the night.

Other than that I really like the climate I really like the feel of college at Palm Trees everywhere at nice restaurants really good feel.

The only thing I could probably say negative about Cali is that I’m like some of the other cities where I’ve been like Bogotá Medellin college does have a little bit of a rundown and maybe a little bit of a more dangerous feel.

No, I’m not saying that to scare you or discourage you from going I’m just telling you that something that you should be aware of.

As for closing thoughts my verdict will be that Cali women are definitely more down to earth than Madoline women and definitely more receptive more warm than women from Bogotá so it really depends what kind of women do you like if you like more kind of darker women with bigger butts, bigger body features a cow is definitely the place if you like more cosmopolitan women than the capital is probably your thing

All in all, I had a great time in Cali and really enjoyed the woman and I recommend you taking the trip there to judge for yourself.


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