Colombia vs Argentina: 7 Crucial Things To Consider

Colombia vs Argentina: 7 Crucial Things To Consider

In this article, we are going to be comparing Colombia and Argentina. Specifically, we're going to be talking about 7 different points and going to be comparing each country based on those points and those points are language, stability, security and safety, cultural feel, food, Accessibility from the US and Europe, and recreation.


So let's begin with the first point. We're going to be discussing the language now. Both countries speak Spanish and that should be of no surprise to you.

But there are some important nuances. Columbia, for instance, speaks a very clear version of Spanish. A lot of people have commented on that, and that includes both locals and foreigners. As somebody who's traveled all over the world. I can definitely confirm that Colombian Spanish is more neutral than a lot of the other Spanish that's spoken in Latin America. Argentina, on the other hand, speaks a very Italian accented Spanish. The Spanish in Argentina has an Italian accent with a little bit of a Latin American mix, so if you're just going for the language, the Spanish words the most.

And so if you are interested in a country that has the most neutral Spanish, perhaps to learn that Colombia would be an obvious choice, Argentina would be a great choice too, but you have to understand that there's going to be a certain accent spoken by the locals.


The next point I want to talk about is stability and when I say stability, I am referring to the internal and external factors that determine whether the country is actually economically and politically stable.

Colombia, for a long time, was embroiled in a long civil war. This ongoing civil war with the revolutionary forces of FARC and has, fortunately, came to an end when they signed the peace agreement. And so now that there is, there's more stability in terms of Columbia when it comes to. The political and economical factors Argentina, on the other hand, has had a lot of problems. There has been an endless currency devaluation and so while Argentina has. And that also includes presidents that have resigned. That came and went. And so in this area, I would say that Colombia is definitely more stable than Argentina, although Argentina never had a certain civil war inside their own country.


The next point I want to talk about is security and safety and all this is an interesting one. Is a big cause for a long time Colombia has been synonymous with a country that is talked about in terms of kidnappings and all these. The uncertainty that can happen whenever you land in the country. I know when I was originally coming to Colombia I was very scared for my safety.

This was a while ago and I thought that I would get kidnapped the moment I landed in the country. Fortunately, that is definitely not the case and I would say that columbium.

Unfortunately in the last couple of years, Argentina turned. Argentina's security situation and safety situation has markedly deteriorated. As a result, a country that was once super safe and super stable is now becoming a little bit shadier, or in some of the poorer neighborhoods, but also in some of the central parts of the cities in downtowns, including the capital of Buenos Aires, and so for safety and stability, I would call it a tie, but I would probably give an edge to Colombia a little bit there as well.


Next, let's talk about the cultural field, and this is very, very subjective. But having said that, there are things that are very objective in these two countries. I can tell you that. Argentina is more European. There is more of a European feel in fact. In fact, whenever you are in Argentina, especially in Buena Cyrus and those surrounding cities and areas, you can't help but feel as though you are in Madrid or Rome, or maybe a combination of both.

So if you're looking for Europe on a budget, you can't really do better than Buena Aires and perhaps a couple of small cities around that area. And the flip side of that is that Argentina is less of a Latin American country. In that classical sense of something that you would expect from Latin America, something like Mexico, maybe.

In that respect, Columbia, on the other hand, is kind of this quintessential Latin American country. It doesn't have that European feel that Argentina has, and it's definitely not a bad thing. And so if you're looking for something more Latin American, you really can get more Latin American than Columbia.


Next, let's talk about the food and the different cuisines that you will experience. Each of those countries. In Argentina, you will be exposed mostly to European type food and this includes the three peas. That's pasta, pizza, and potatoes.

That's what Argentina is kind of known for. There is some really great steak in Argentina, some great wine.

Colombia on the other hand is more traditional Latin American food, and so you will if you want to be exposed to new dishes, new cuisines. Colombia is a better option if you want to have cheap pizza. Not certainly. Not bad pizza, but you know, European Food on the budget. Your choice will be Argentina.


Next, let's talk about the access ability of both of these countries from the USA and Europe. So Colombia is only three hours away from America and I'm referring to Southern America. So places like Miami, Southern Texas, I believe from Miami to the northern coast of Colombia, places like Cartagena and Santa Marta are only a 3-hour flight whereas Argentina is about a 9. Our flight, I believe from Miami or about an 11-hour flight from NYC Ann from Europe. Obviously, you have to add a couple of hours. I am from Madrid. It's about a 13-hour flight to Buenos Aires.


Next and the last point. I want to talk about recreation.

This is a very subjective topic and what I mean when I say recreational is things that you can do for fun. The amusements are nature or you know what the country really represents.

The thing about Colombia is that you're exposed to different climates? You have the tropical climate, you have them, the mountainous climate. You have more of a springtime climate. You could say kind of this Mediterranean climate as well. It's a very diverse country when we're talking about climate, and so I would not. So in that respect, you have the beaches of northern Colombia. You have different cities in your hand that you kind of the tropical cities in. Um Western Columbia with Cali you have these mountainous areas where you can go skiing in the center of the consciousness so you have a lot of things you know Colombia doesn't have the amazing beaches and the scenery of Brazil, but it has enough to stand on its own 2 feet.

Argentina, on the other hand, is a place where you don't really visit the beaches you mainly visit to go to Buena Cyrus to look at the beautiful city.

I mean definitely, if you compare Buena Aires to any city in Colombia, I would give Buenos Aires an edge because it's just a very very beautiful city. It's very European. There is some beautiful architecture. You have a great coffee culture. So in terms of recreational fewer city people, I would probably recommend Argentina. In Buenos Aires, it is specifically. If you are more of you want to learn about Latin America, you want to experience Latin American culture.

I would recommend Colombia in that respect, but neither country has something you know, something that countries like Brazil have. Although I would probably give an edge to Argentina on this and so some final thoughts.

If you are having a difficult time making a decision, Colombia is the quintessential Latin American country. You're going to find Latin American cuisine. You're going to find Latin American type cities. You're going to find this beautiful. You know the culture. Latin American salsa is very big in Colombia, whereas Argentina is kind of like Europe in Latin America.

Even Argentinians don't really consider themselves Europeans, and so it really depends on what you want. If you're more of a European, you like that European feel. Argentina is better. If you like more of a Latin American feel, you want that, you know that more of that exotic field in Colombia is a better option. So it all depends on what matters to you. But I really hope I've given you enough to think about and hope you'll make the right decision that suits your unique tastes and preferences.


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