Colombian Brides: Ultimate Guide

Colombian Brides: Ultimate Guide

I am sure all of you have heard of the term the Russian bride. And indeed that was a situation where some time ago before the Internet you could actually order a woman as it happens to be from Russia and marry her and that’s why they were called a mail order brides

No Russian women were special because they were very feminine very pretty and very submissive something that you know wasn’t really the case with American women after feminism and that’s why they were in such high demand.

Not when it comes to Latin America you have all kinds of beautiful and sexy women I mean Latin women are amazing in every way but Colombian women definitely stand apart. There’s something special about them that puts them a little bit above Mexican women Brazilian women and Argentinian women as well.

The point is Colombian women are special. And therefore this bride mentality has carried over all the way from Eastern Europe to Latin America now you have something called Colombian brides. And this is essentially where you meet up with a certain agency a bridal agency and they essentially introduce you to a series of women and then you pick one that you like and hopefully live happily ever after.

Of course, you don’t actually believe that’s true in real life of course fairytales are very different than real life

The biggest problem with this so-called bridal agencies is that they charge a lot of money and they could charge a lot of money because their clientele is typically middle-aged guys in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even maybe older will have plenty of money who don’t mind spending hundreds and thousands of dollars even tens of thousand dollars in some cases in order to be introduced and find the love of their life

And so these bridal agencies take advantage of this situation where on the one hand you have got a Colombian woman who wants to live a good life with a rich man and a rich man who wants a very sexy woman to be with

On more than one occasion I have received various emails from readers who told me how they were ripped off when they were signed up to do one of these bridal agencies and services how they gave money and didn’t get the woman that they wanted or they gave sent a payment using Western Union or something on traceable and it ended up that there was no physical business there at all so there was a lot of I get a lot of emails were people just plainly ripped off

No, of course, I don’t leave the chance the possibility that perhaps you know there’s a chance that you could find the love of your life and I’m sure there are many many people have found a love the lives of their lives and have built the little happy families in and everything like that

But the fact remains that this is one area where you Definitely should be very careful before embarking. In fact, I don’t really recommend this endeavor to somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing because if it’s your first time there’s a very good chance you’re going to get ripped off.

So what are the alternatives and what do you do if you want to meet in an amazing Colombian woman for marriage and to build a family and have kids with?

Actually it’s very easy to do so all you have to do is sign up to one of the reputable online dating sites that don’t have a set a set a woman or just looking for something short term or in a low-quality women but basically outside with a lot of high-quality Colombian women where are you can essentially pick and choose the woman that you like with several women that you like to go on dates with another side of us with who you want to spend most of your time with. 

While there are a lot of these sites that promise you to introduce you to a quality woman I can tell you there is only one side that you should be really focusing on in this side of school Colombian Cupid. Now here at Colombian expert, we’re big fans of Colombian Cupid because this is the side that we have has various friends and acquaintances join and have talked to how they had excellent results and were able to meet a woman of their dreams.

It’s like one of these bridal or marriage agencies is the charge hundred thousand 710s of thousands of dollars or maybe even more in some cases you Colombian Cupid only cost you I believe something like $.50 a day for membership and it has the highest quality of women.

So this is great news for all of those of you who thought that you would need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to find a quality made in this case all you have to do is sign up for a membership or four particularly when we recommend the memberships of longer. Maybe six months to a year because that will give you time to stand outside for longer get a familiar rise and

In order to succeed on the side what I would recommend is that you sign up for free initially you find a woman that you like you upgrade your membership to one of the paid memberships and then you basically contact them and see what they say now if they are interested in meeting you then they would have no problems responding to your messages and BS and Tuesday ask because you are on the other hand if a woman is not really strongly interested in meeting you and just hanging out then this is a woman that I would be very careful with because she might be just wasting your time with.

Of course you could be doing this while you’re thousands of miles away, maybe you and your New York City or Los Angeles or Miami doing this from your own Siri and you could be doing this online so that after some time, maybe a couple of weeks maybe a month after you’ve contacted enough women started conversations build some rapport you could finally plan your trip to Colombia.

On the other hand, if you’re ready in the country and also serves really well because you can contact several women and then go out with them possibly tomorrow or the next day or maybe even the next week

Before you sign up on the side and start hitting up different women I wanna give you several pieces of advice number one is be very careful if the woman you’re talking to ask for money or financial help or some kind of favors of any kind before you you physically matter right this could be this may be a woman or it could be a man sitting there you don’t know who it is until you physically meet her build a relationship and then continue doing everything.

Another thing is that there's a lot of common sense oh and by the way to learn how to speak Spanish at least learn the basic vocabulary which is going to help you a lot when it comes to talking to these women and expressing yourself because while English is the international language, you have to understand that many of these women in Latin America and pretty much outside the west don’t really have a strong command of English so definitely learn at least some basic Spanish. It’s not a really hard language at all.

Other than that, be glad that you are a lot smarter than a lot of the other guys that went down the bridal route and then you can actually spend a fraction of the money and still meet extremely high-quality women and be able to pick in shoes the ones that you have a connection with.

In any case, I hope you’ve gotten some value from this article and all you have to do is go on the site and start meeting women

Best of luck to you in the future.


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