How Safe Is Colombia?

How Safe Is Colombia?

One of the biggest questions that people ask me when I talk about Colombia is how difficult is the country, in other words, are they going to be kidnapped the moment they step off the airport of the plane in the airport or something like that

When I first came to Colombia this was one of my greatest fears. I still remember on the flight from Mexico City to Bogotá almost 10-12 years ago that the month the moment I lander I would be you know grabbed by a bunch of burly guys and driven into someone unknown destination

Fortunately, none of that happened. And I ended up having one of the greatest times of my life it also helped a lot that at the time not a lot of foreigners were coming to Colombia so I had to pretty much and I had a controlled myself pretty much.

Colombia has a reputation for two main reasons that are kind of connected to each other and that’s cocaine Colombia is the what the worlds biggest producer of cocaine and for a while especially in the 80s there were a lot of these cartels did this Matthews dad fought each other over the profits and the router and all these things

Another thing about Colombia is that for probably half a dick half a century it was the government was waging war against these revolutionary gorillas called a fork and they signed a truce years ago.

And Pablo Escobar is that fork is no longer a threat than what you have as it is a decent country where you know things just work and that’s I would say it’s even safer than many of the other Latin American countries.

Brazil on the other hand always felt shitty always felt like I hope you know there’s a good chance I might get robbed but in Colombia I wouldn’t even there to say it’s been an excellent experience and I would even say it’s one of the safest countries in Latin America, in fact, it’s many times safe room.

My experience has shown that it’s definitely more secure than nearby Venezuelan in Brazil and Argentina which was a lot safer along time ago.

So if you had asked me what is the safest country in Latin America this by the feel Arabic countries that I know Colombia will definitely be on the top maybe Chile.

Nevertheless, just look anywhere in the world except a very very rich country it’s important to take proper precautions because anything bad can happen to anybody pretty much anywhere so I cannot give you a guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you but if you are if you take the proper precautions you should be fine

The most important thing is that you should act like you are from there that you have been there and you should have a certain confidence about you it’s not that you will automatically be Rob if you’re walking around looking everywhere like a tourist but there is a better chance that everything will be fine if you are walking straight working confidence know where you’re going and not acting lost and confused.

Another important thing is to watch out for people that might come over and ask you something maybe ask for directions or distract you in someway pickpocketing is a big crime in Colombia like in no in a lot of other places it’s not violent I mean you gonna get robbed without even knowing so it’s important to be aware at all times I will try to avoid you know really packed squares packed events maybe like a football game these kinds of things with anywhere you have a lot of people there’s a good chance our something might happen

For instance if I was walking down the street or was working on some square where there’s a lot of tourists and I easily look like a tourist I would be very on guard if somebody just came up to me and started asking for something that’s my first reaction is that something bad is going to happen of course you know that anything can happen, maybe somebody came up and they really need advice but my first reaction and so should be your first reaction is to be on guard and expect something that might happen which means like hold on your wallet holds the purse holder back together in a disguise of things.

The other main thing is that you should stay out of trouble so if you’re not actively looking for trouble I don’t really see anything bad happening to you. When I was there in several years later there were reports of these people getting killed especially American Taurus and then you find out that they were involved in some business and then they owed somebody some money and that there were you know something going on there was another side of the story that you didn’t know before I would say generally speaking the chance of random violence is a lot less in Colombia than someplace like Brazil or even like in New York City.

if you take these pieces of advice and you’re cool and confident and don’t go looking for trouble don’t do drugs don’t do anything stupid, then you should be absolutely fine.

Just tried to Blendon don’t act you know anything special don’t try anything crazy and you should be absolutely fine.

The most important thing is to relax and have fun.


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