Medellin Women: Everything You Should Know

Medellin Women: Everything You Should Know


So in this article, I want to talk to you a little bit about meeting and seducing medicine women. Medellin is a city that I spent about a year some years back and I enjoyed it profusely it’s a city that has great vibe with great people, awesome temperature of springtime all year and it’s a very secure city I’m pretty much like the rest of Latin America.

What makes women different?

I don’t think Colombian women need any introduction. They are some of the sexiest women not only in Latin America but also in the world.

But special mention needs to be given to women from this particular city of Medellin.

So what makes medicine women so special and so different from the rest of Columbia and also in Latin America as a whole?

Well, first of all, they have a particular accent that no other people in Columbia half it’s a certain sexy accent that when the woman speaks various phrases you know that something is special.

That is the first sign that you’re dealing with somebody different than and someone interesting. 

Women in medicine in Columbia are also very sexy and very attractive. Whereas in the rest of Columbia as well as in Latin America except maybe Argentina women are a mix of European features us maybe some African thrown in and some indigenous feeling. Columbia is Latin American countries so most of the women are Latinos all of the women are Latinos and that Shirley they look different than somebody let’s say from Europe in Medellin a typical woman is Caucasian looking she’s white she but she has a certain section is a certain feel of a Latina.

It is hard to describe what it is but if I could try to imagine the best of both worlds you have women that are very European looking they have the sexiness of a Latina and I have a very sexy accent and not to mention they’re extremely extremely feminine.

Of course, I talked about the positive things but it’s important to also mention some of the drawbacks of women from Medellin Colombia

Characteristics of Medellin women

The first characteristic is that they’re extremely proud of being from Medellin. All by itself that is not much of a disadvantage in fact it’s actually good when people are proud of their background from their city from their heritage from their country.

But the women there and the people, in general, have taken progress and this feeling of pride a little too far.

I have spoken to know a good number of women that never travel beyond the machine never traveled beyond the world and feel down to their bones with strong conviction that Medellin is by far the best place in the world.

That means they’re not as excited to learn about you and where are you they feel that they’re living in the best city on the planet and naturally didn’t really care what the rest of the world is like.

Of course, I could be exaggerating just a little bit, not all people are like this there are plenty of people that are interested in learning about the rest of the world but it’s important to mention that that has been that the feeling that I have in the city

It’s something that I felt more in Medellin than in the rest of Colombia.

Along with being too proud of something you have a little bit of arrogance I would say that women there are more arrogant than women on the Caribbean coast as well as women in the capital. They look at foreigners and as well as other Colombians from other parts of the country as lower than them there, after all, they are the local and your kids as the locals in that city are cold and you are some foreigners who came to their city to get to know you so they feel that you’re below them in some way shape or form.

Having said that I believe that not all women are like this nature is that if you stick around for long enough for several months maybe even a year or more you will be able to meet quality women that would be interested in building a relationship with you.

As I wrote in another article I believe that the best places to meet women in Columbia are both Bogotá and Medellin.

Are they easy to meet?

A question that all of you’re probably thinking about is are they easy to meet? And the way you should think about this is that you’re going into kind of a close city where people are a little suspicious of foreigners a little suspicious of people that are not from there, of course, it’s not like our country where you have to be from there in order to build any relations but it’s still a much more close city than the rest of Columbia as well as even parts of Latin America

That is actually expressed in the nightlife. When you go out you typically find people in groups with other people that they already know. So it’s not like American style nightlife where you can go out and talk to somebody and they’re not sending out there usually sitting down in chairs tables whether it’s outside or inside talking to their friends

When I asked my Columbian friend about this phenomenon he told me that the nightlife is not a time or place that people are looking to meet others. It’s usually an activity where people go out with others if they already know instead of trying to meet somebody new.

My best suggestion for meeting people would be either online and I wholeheartedly recommend Colombian Cupid for that or meeting them during the day when they’re out in the bald whether you know a woman is walking somewhere she’s sitting in a coffee shop or a restaurant.

Tips and tricks to meeting Medellin women

Like I mentioned to both the best way to meet Colombian women and Medellin would be to forget about the nightlife although you could get lucky I would not bet on meeting people at night

I would spend my day daytime trying to meet people whether that would be online or it would be in real life during the day by approaching various women where I see fit and chatting them up.

My friends and I have had a lot of success meeting women from this Colombian website called Colombian Cupid. In fact, you can go out and create a free account right now and see the women and the quality of women in Medellin right now and start chatting with them. 

Final thoughts

So there you have it a guide to meeting women in Medellin Colombia. While the city does have various challenges of meeting new people regardless of their women or men there are a lot of advantages to meeting women there because they are like nowhere else.

My only suggestion is that you don’t come there for a weekend but stay there longer I would recommend at least a month or maybe two. Oh and don’t forget to learn Spanish it will come in very handy in this great Colombian city.


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